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When buying or selling a home, it’s paramount that you choose the right REALTOR® because who you work with truly matters. We have been helping Ontarian’s buy and sell their homes for 10 years and are here to help you make that process much easier.

Real estate is our passion and it’s crucial to us that our clients are completely satisfied with their experience. Our relationships in the community support us and our clients always recommend us so remember when it comes to the buying and selling property – our team has you covered.

I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge Belén has shown me.
by Rita Roy
Home buyer
She knows the real estate market well and has helped me in so many ways
by John Siy
Home owner
I am a real estate agent who has known Belén. Her professionalism and honesty is unmatched
by Kalye Moore
Real Estate Agent

My Team

Kathleen Grant
Real Estate Advisor
Keith Bailey
Real Estate Advisor
Danielle Murray
Real Estate Advisor
Thomas Stevens
Real Estate Advisor
Maria Valaschez
Real Estate Advisor

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